Monday, 25 March 2013

Well then here goes my creative burst for today.

Just a child looking
through a frosty pane.
Does his outside world
appear distorted?
Or can he enjoy
this thick haziness,
obscuring the white
Is he trying to
scrape away that
which confines him?
Or is this his
of winter etched in
the morning ice?
Pyjama less in sub
zero temperatures.
Does he enjoy the chill
prickling his skin?
The freedom of unrestricted
nakedness. Will he breathe
on the glass and manage
to melt a hole, big enough
to spy through?
Or is he indeed
just a child trapped
forever in time?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

This my first Blog. Inspired by a great Lady called Penny Smith, whose blogs are witty and inviting.
Today I feel emotional and yet creative and am going to continue writing my first novel motherhood.
yesterday my brother in law put up some of the latest Aron wiesenfied painting which I am intrigued by. I wrote a short story called Train Tunnel, as a result of this, which was on the 1000words website.
So see what you can see in this painting, what can you write?